The Story

Chris started off his journey in entertainment as a DJ/Producer with dreams of starting a music label. As he ventured through the music industry he started to see that the big business approach was not favorable for the artist and vowed that whatever he created would be made with the artist in mind.

As time went on, he widened his outlook to not only music artist but content creators of all kinds. As a content creator and producer himself he decided to be a part of the solution and not the problem. So the Creator Partnership Program was born.

The Problem

  • Bad Deals
  • No Education
  • Long Contract Terms
  • No Community
  • No Budget

The Solution

The Creator Partnership Program is an incubator for creators. No matter where you are in the journey, you can always learn more. If accepted to the program we will help you with your production and in certain cases taking over for you.

We also help you build your brand by creating or updating your media kit and then reaching out to brands on your behalf and showing you how to monetize your content. 

The best part...

There is NO UPFRONT COST to you. You don't pay us a dime on the front end. Ready to learn more?